Savoia Hotel Country House

Via San Donato, 159/161 - 40127 Bologna

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This antique colonial complex had been lived in for years and had a very particular charm and fascination. It was the inspiration to start the a project and a journey to create a hotel in a quaint little village, that many people had completely forgotten about. It has become a favourite destination by international travellers, and is now a well designed resort that offers modern conveniences and comforts that all visitors find encouraging and relaxing.
The journey began in 1992, when we discovered three separate buildings in horrible shape, hidden by trees. The main building - the farmer's house – was the building in the best shape, offering three original fireplaces, that were the evidence that it was one originally lived in by residents. The stable was discovered with its manger and straw inside and the upper floor, initially used as hayloft was just a house for birds.

The blacksmith house (fabbreria) was in really bad shape and was full of junk and debris, representing the many years gone by. There was an assortment of old ploughs and fridges, old tables and cardboard boxes full of magazines. What a journey in time to sort through what had been left behind since its original use as a shelter of the pilgrim that was once the entrance of the city of Bologna. This was church property that was run by the Parish of San Donino… It took 16 months of gruelling work to change this into what is now a contemporary four star hotel that offers beautiful gardens and top of the line comforts and amenities.

The hotel is found in three independent buildings, two of them are attached by an underground walkway. The hall is found where the original blacksmith's house was and joined with the Sala San Zenobio, where you will enjoy your morning breakfasts. The sala vetri or "Glass room" is the perfect place to come and enjoy some fresh air with the charming wrought iron and the refreshing summer Pergola. Here we organise special events, cocktail receptions or even a business meeting.

It is possible to enjoy the swimming pool of Savoia Hotel Regency, that is found just 100 metres from Savoia Country House, with no additional fee.

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